Is my Palm Tree Dying?

          Here in Florida there is an Epidemic of diseased and Dying Palm Trees. This can be the result of many different Causes. At El Amigaso LLC Lawn and Tree Service by Zane we Want to Keep your Elegant Palms Healthy and Happy. We do this through Proper Trimming (Procedures and Tools), Offer solutions’ for Problems with Growth, and Vaccinations and Treatments for Parasites and Infections (Causing Palm Deaths All over Florida)…

        If you are concerned with the condition and current health of your Palms Call us, We know the different afflictions that are destroying our  Beautiful Palms. We will diagnose and offer suggested solutions. Our Treatments are Priced Affordable and Our Techniques have been tested Throughout Florida, Most City Managers Have Been Requiring these treatments since 2004 with Excellent Results.


     The Most Common affliction is often miss diagnosed as Root Rot, and Palm Weevils. Although these DO in fact Hurt and Eventually Kill Palm trees here in Florida, they are not cause of the Rapid increase of Palms that Seem to die within a week. There are treatments for these as well as the most common Problem today with our Palms. For the most common cause of Palm Death in Manatee county is Preventable. The Symptoms vary greatly depending species and cultivar but is most often associated with premature fruit drop, wilting of the inflorescence (seed/flower pod), excessive yellowing or browning of the canopy from the oldest to the newest fronds and finally death of the apical meristem (bud) of the palm.
     It is important to note that some palms such as the Coconut and Adonidia Palm can easily be identified as having LY phytoplasma while other palm species are much more difficult to Diagnose and Require Expert Diagnoses and Treatment.

        From Root Rot to Funguses, and Not enough watering to Too much watering, these Threats may be elusive to many. Call in the Professionals to help you cure and protect your trees. At Juan Saw we use Professional trimming techniques to insure the Health and Quality of the Trees you enjoy. If need be we can remove the Dead Palm quickly and Safely so it does Not infect the other Palms in your Yard or even your Neighborhood. Palm trees can be trimmed as low as 15$ and removed as low as 100$. The Palm tree is an Icon here in Florida show off your Sunshine State Tree in a Healthy and Proud Fashion without spending an Arm and a leg and without Waiting weeks for a Tree Service to Arrive.