Water Oak Removal in Ellenton.

Oak Tree Trim, Care, and Removal

      Florida's Finest Tree and Lawn Service Climbers/Cutters, Have Years of Professional Experience. We are a Drug Free Company with Quality Staff. We will Safely and Professionally Remove, Trim, and Solve your Large Landscape Problems with an Excellent Attitude and Above Standard Care. We Clean up and Haul away all Trimmings Leaving your Home and Property looking Beautiful. All work is completed In a timely manner so you can get back to the things that matter most to you.


Oak Trees, Elegant Monsters in our Front Yards. These Majestic Trees are Wonderful in so many ways. They offer a home to a Vast array of reptiles, mammals and avian. They Shade our homes, cooling us in the hot Florida summer. They shelter us from the heavy winds of our Peninsulary homeland. They ad a strong character to the landscape. And as all plants they help clean our air and supply oxygen.

As is most things in life there is always the Bad with the Good. These majestic Floridian Giants can also come at a cost. That cost reveals itself most often when Proper care is not often Provided. The many leaves that adorn the canopy provide Great shade and shelter, they also however provide a Thick carpet of dead leaves on anything and Everything beneath them. The branches can often die from many different reasons and can then harbor rot or endanger property and people if not removed. Trees can grow limbs beyond their capabilities when other trees and/or manmade structures ( Houses) are nearby. Improper pruning and trimming can cause the tree to die, weaken, or grow in unhealthy fashion. When not cleaned and aired out the strong Florida weather pushes these Beasts like the sail of a Ship causing the tree to fail.

   All this can be avoided by regular professional care. These are a slow growing so regular care may be every two years at first and every 4 years later on. But with regular care and Pruning/Trimming by Professionals like the ones at El Amigaso Tree Service these Majestic Arbornaughts can offer comfort and style for Many Years to come.

   If you still need it to go use Professionals like those at Florida's Finest Tree and Lawn Service to remove them Properly and Safely. These Giant trees can be quite Dangerous once you start taking them apart. It requires experience and proper equipment to safely do these jobs.

Removing Bougainvillea and Pothos Vines that are restricting and Killing this Beautiful Large Oak.

Beautiful Strong Oaks Shield us from the Sun and Frame the outside of our Homes.

Oak Trimming

Oak Tree Trimming

  • Top Off

  • Raise Canopy

  • Air Out

  • Clean out

  • Shape Exterior

  • Moss Removal

  • Guide Trimming

  • Dead Limb Removal

  • Health Diagnosis

      Keeping your Oak Healthy is VERY Important. These Beautiful Large Trees can grow to great sizes. When Healthy and growing correctly they are Extremely Strong. But improper trimming and care can cause them to become Unhealthy in which case they become Dangerous Liabilities. The Strong limbs that characterize these Great Trees can Become Heavy Falling objects. Proper trimming can stimulate Healthy Growth through design and remove dangerous limbs waiting to fall or even cause the tree to fall. Air out and Clean services can reduce the risk of wind damage during storms and Hurricanes. This can be the difference between a Long lasting part of your environment and a Destructive force damaging your Property or Family. The Professionals at WTE Tree Service will explain to you the Proper care required to Keep your Oaks Beautiful, Strong, Healthy, and Long Living….




Oak Tree Limb after removing. These Limbs were covered with Vines from the Pothos. the Nutrients within the limb have been Consumed.

Pothos Roots Into Oak Tree. There are benifits to the relationship between these two as well. The Pothos will host ants that deter Other insects from harming the Oak, It is not Known at what point it becomes a Parasite to the Tree and begins to absorb the Oaks Nutrients. We Recommend if the Pothos is used with Oaks, Pines and or Other Trees that it is kept under control and not allowed to consume the Tree.

Problems Like this can be Very Dangerous. to the untrained Eye this Tree that fell during a storm would have appeared Healthy, however as you can see in this photo this tree was Very Weak. If you have Grand Oaks or Other large trees near your home you should have them inspected regularly to prevent situations like this. This particular tree weighing over 20,000 pounds damaged 3 separate properties when it fell..

Lighting Strikes are Deadly to Trees as well as Dangerous to the surrounding Structures and Persons. After a Lightening strike kills a Tree and it Dries out Large Heavy Branches will Begin to Fall Randomly, it Will Not wait for a Storm or Tree service, it Will begin to Trim itself...