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    Florida is Represented by The Orange, however the most associated Tree in the Sunshine State is perhaps the Palm Tree. These Elegant Trees adourne Most Florida Homes. In most Cases they are easy to maintain, there are 2500 different types of Palms and Related plants that will thrive in our climate and enviroment. With regular Care palms will make a Beautiful addition to your home. Recently here in Manatee and Sarasota Counties, our Beautiful Palms are dying off. Often very quickly they seem to go from healthy to dead in months or even weeks. Either Lethal Yellowing or Butt Rot ( The Most Prominent infections) WILL Kill your palms. These infections can be treated once the Tree is infected. More importantly they can be PREVENTED. If you see infected or dead palms in your neighborhood, a simple vaccination can prevent the loss of your palms aswell. Florida's Finest Lawn and Tree Service Strives to "Care" for the Trees Here in Our Sunshine State. We Trim, We Remove, and We can Save your Trees. Dont lose a Beautiful Tree when a Simple injection can Protect it. It is also important that Palms are trimmied correctly. Proper trimming will prevent spreading of disease, and promote healthy growth.