Happy Holiday's Florida...

First off We here at Florida's FInest Tree and Lawn Service Would like to wish all our fellow Floridians a Happy Holiday Season.


         We Know that for Many of our Friends and Neighbors here in the Sunshine State that this is a time for gathering, and visiting Friends and Family. and when Greeting our guests we want a feeling of comfort and a sense of festivity. That being said we are Happy to help you get your Yard and home Ready to Welcome these Guests we love and adore.


Welcome your Family and Friends with a Beautiful yard by Florida's Finest Tree and Lawn Service LLC. Our Trained Professionals can Trim your Largest Trees for Safety, Health and Beauty. Our Experts understand the Growing habits and Needs of the trees here in the Sunshine State, and how those needs change with the Seasons. We can help you decide what is best to keep your Trees healthy as well as Beautiful. We can Offer Tips on Decorating for  the Holidays without hurting your landscape and with fire Safety in mind. Let us Help you to Keep your Trees and Landscape Beautiful and Healthy for years to come, All estimates and Consultations are Free. 


Ask about help Lighting Tall Trees, and you May have the most extravagant home on the Block. Our Tree Crews are expert Trained on all forms of Trees from small Palms to GIANT Austrailian Pines. Let us use Our Expertize to maximize your Show of Holiday Spirit this Holiday Season.


This Year we are also offering Rooftop Lighting and Large Tree Lighting Services, at Low Costs. Call us to Safely Decorate the Dangerous Parts of your home.


A few tips for the Do it Yourself Holiday Decorator.

  • Trees, their Limbs, and Leaves can Be Flammable. This in mind Please remember standard Lights can Generate heat. Be sure to Trim away any Dead or Dying Limbs and Leaves Before adorning your Living Ornaments with Lights.
  • Also Keep in mind that even though LED lights do not produce the Same level of heat when lit, the Electricity Powering them can cause fire if the wires are Broken (which can happen after they are Strung, Animals, Wind, moving Branches. etc..).
  • Do not wrap the wires tightly around Branches. and Do Not use nails to attach the strands to your Trees. this will cause future problems with the Health of the Trees.
  • With palm trees it is especially important not to puncture the Tree with Nails or Staples, this may kill the Tree within one Season.
  • Lights should be attached with a colored "Tie-Wire", colored to make it easy to find and remove after the Holidays have passed.
  • Use PVC pipe or other type conduit to Run wires across lawn to the Trees for Lighting. Do Not Leave Bare Wires Exposed on Lawns. ( This is especially important in Neighborhoods where Lawn Companies Service many Lawns each Day)
  • Wires should be run to the Trees through Conduit on the Ground. Aviod Stretching Power Wires From your home to the Tree through the air, If this is required or is the Lighting style you want, run a Guide wire that is grounded to support the weight of the wire (electric decor light wires are normally not designed to suppor weight and tension) the Grounding of the support wire will also Prevent increased possibility of fire and or injury to  family friends and or pets.
  • when Hanging lights from a latter, remain below the recommended Height for the latter. in most cases this means do not stand above the third step from the Top.
  • Low Heat Lights are best for Trimming your Outdoor Trees.
  • Be sure to use Outdoor Rated lights and other Electronic Decorations for your exterior Displays. ( Keep in Mind, even with no Rain Present the High humidity here in florida produces a lot of Dew in the early hours. This can Provide enough saturation to Cause a Short in Electrical devices designed for indoor use.)
  • Check your trees for nests prior to adding Lights, these lights can disrupt the Lifestyles of our Furry and Feathered Friends, and Squirriles and birds may attempt to remove these Items from near there nest. this could cause injury to the animal as well as damage to your lights and shorts that can lead to fire.



I hope these tips Help you to safely Decorate your Home. Please feel free to email us if you have any tips we may have missed, or any other questions or concerns you may have for us. Again we wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season this year. And Remember Florida's Finest Tree and Lawn Service LLC, is only a Call away.